Website Development

Boost Your Business with Highly Robust and interactive Web Development Today.

Our experienced and professional Web developers have expertise in designing a high-quality, scalable application that provides a unique experience to your users.

Single Page Applications

No matter how small or large your single-page web application is, Fammuk excels in quickly delivering a modern, quality application.

ECommerce Solutions

Fammuk specializes in eCommerce portals and solutions. We can deliver a fully functional eCommerce solution for your business using the latest platforms available.

CMS & Portals

From content management systems to full-scale portals, we have the skillset to deliver the most demanding of web projects.

Full Stack Architecture

Our architects are proficient in handling all layers of the applications, including an interactive front-end with a solid backend for support Apps across all platforms.


We understand the importance of your application to your business. We develop, keeping OWASP TOP 10 rules in mind. We also strategize for secure code reviews, penetration testing, PCI compliance, and protection against DDOS attacks.

External APIs

We can integrate the solutions into your applications using APIs provided by them, which extends the functionality of the web applications.

Rich User Interface

We excel in creating rich user interfaces focused on aesthetics and user experience while using your product.


We design systems and platforms, keeping scalability in mind for horizontal and vertical scales. We understand redundancy, load-balancing, and fail-over and ensure your application can withstand spikes and seasonal load.

Responsive Design

You can open your web applications on any device. Our responsive designs will adjust your app according to the device's resolution providing you with the best possible experience.

Web Development Process

Our architect's design innovative and secure web applications with the best development processes practiced.


​​We deliver a user experience that remains engaging and interactive. Our unique and visually focused UX designs offer the apps the best experience and most pleasing aesthetics. UI and UX provide ease of access, user-friendliness, and intuitiveness to our users.


We believe in the keen development of server and database calls for the lowest cost in terms of CPU usage across all devices. Our apps are developed with the best built-in features of speed and responsiveness.

API Layer

Our developers create APIs that make developing a program easier by providing all the building blocks. It will make it easier for your Web app to be open to third-party APIs in the future. It will also integrate functions provided by the Layer platform with other services and applications.

Back End

We have the best experience team having expertise in backend database ranges. We make the best decisions by analyzing the projects technically and creating an optimized table structure that will provide the best results with the best scaling options.

External APIs

With so many different platforms available with APIs, whether open or licensed, there are thousands of interactive features that you can integrate into your web-based product. We use the interfaces provided and implement them into your web applications.

Unit Testing

We provide our services with a primary focus on the Quality of all the services provided to the customers. We ensure the highest Quality Assurance with the best assistance to be a significant part of your industry. The seniors assure the efficiency of Quality with the help of Automated Unit testing.


Software deployment is all of the activities that make a software system available. Our developer's "deployment" is interpreted as a general process customized to specific requirements or characteristics. Our team ensures that your Linux and Windows servers are tuned for performance and ready for load-balancing, scaling, and replication.

Website Hosting

Title: Control, Flexibility, And Efficiency. The Future Of Website Hosting, Today.

Public Cloud Hosting

Fammuk as a Public Cloud Hosting service provider makes resources, such as applications and storage, available to the general public over the Internet.

Private Cloud Hosting

Our Private cloud hosting services give you control and security of your data, while public clouds give you easy accessibility and scalability.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Fammuk hybrid cloud hosting solutions give you the captain’s chair. You decide what features you want to implement and when. Private clouds provide you with control and security of your data, while public clouds give you easy accessibility and scalability. Did you want to change what’s kept private and public? No problem. Hybrid cloud storage solutions give you the best of both worlds!

Fammuk is a professional service company backed by an experienced and accomplished team that operates globally with the highest standards and the use of innovative methodologies and goals. An amusing point to regard: Being based in Dallas, TX, our team is working virtually. How Fammuk operates is our goal for the clients; to virtualize and boost your business’s growth across the globe.

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